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Are you planning to have an event in the urban hub of Queensland and in need of lighting for your venue? You have come to the right place! We are Brisbane’s best lighting hire service provider and we have everything you need to make your party the next talk of the town!

DJs4Australia has been providing the city of Brisbane top-notch party hire services such as DJ hire, speakers hire, DJ Equipment rental, and the best lighting hire services you will ever find in the city. We have been in the industry for many, many years, allowing us to build a long list of happy clients who have only kind words to say about our company.

Make sure you and your guests will have a great time with our lighting. Let us create a picture-perfect scene that will give your party the excitement and design that you have always imagined!


    2 x Skytech Speaker + AUX CORD

      2 x DB Speakers (Opera) + AUX 

        2 x 15 EV Speakers + IPOD MIXER + LIGHTS

          2 x Speakers + 2000 CDJ NXS' + DJM 900 NXS

          Why Choose DJs4Australia?

          Among the many companies in the Brisbane DJ and party industry, you might be wondering why should you choose us. Well, for one, we have been doing this for several years now. Thus, making us one of the most experienced, skillful, and knowledgeable in stage lighting, small, and large event lightings. Also, because we have been doing this for so long, we have already gathered up the best lights that can give you the results you want!

          Now, if you are still not convinced, here are more reasons why you should leave the lighting to us:

          • Experience Equals Professionalism

            You can rely on us to deliver you on-time results and services, assuring you that we will always provide you with the equipment earlier than your set time.

          • Stress-Free Process

            Hiring our packages and services will always start by reaching out to us. After that, you simply have to lock in the date, wait for our team to confirm your booking, and you simply have to wait for the equipment on the day of your party! Fast, reliable, and easy!

          • Access to Check our Equipment Before You Buy

            With us, we will gladly assist you from start to finish. And since it’s not easy to decide what lighting you want, we will let you check out our lights and equipment to help you make your decision.

          • Quality and Affordability

            It has been our mission to provide each of our clients the highest quality lights at an affordable cost.

          • Worry-Free Service

            If you choose us, you won’t have to worry about anything. We will drop off the equipment and set it up for you. And once your event is over, we will handle the packing down and take it out from your hands!


            2 x Speakers + Ipod Mixer

              2 x 15 INCH LC DAVE Speakers + 18 INCH SUBWOOFER

                2 x 15 INCH LC DAVE Speakers + IPOD MIXER + LIGHTS

                  2 x Speakers + 2000 CDJ NXS' + DJM 900 NXS

                  Our Product Range

                  Spotify Speaker Bundle

                  2 x Speakers + Ipod Mixer + Lights

                  DJ Hire

                  Looking for a DJ to spice up your night?

                  Photo Booth Hire

                  Live It Up with our party photo booths!

                  CDJ & Party Equipment Rentals

                  Looking for high quality pioneer cdjs, or some party lighting for your night?

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                  Our Clientelle


                  The Proper Lighting for the Ultimate Party

                  Most people forget how important having proper lighting for events is. In fact, it’s so least remembered that it comes last to most people’s party planning list. Now, that should never be the case as lighting is extremely vital for making an event successful. For one, proper lighting creates the mood and ambiance you want, allowing your guests to feel comfortable. It is a key factor for making your guests dance along with your DJ hire.

                  Secondly, good lights also entertain and mesmerize your guests, letting them know what type of event they are getting themselves into. And, with the right lighting, you can liven up your party and make it more exciting.

                  On the other hand, you also need lights to draw attention to a moment, people, or objects. You can put the spotlight on you while having your first dance as husband and wife, as you’re blowing your birthday cake, or when your best friend is making a toast. Lastly, if you plan out your decors carefully along with the right lighting set up, you can create a visually beautiful place where you have the freedom to move around and take pictures in.


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                  Whoever thinks that lighting is not important and that it doesn’t do anything to help better your party’s atmosphere clearly hasn’t tried our services. As experts in DJing, equipment, and lighting, we guarantee to make your vision of a great party come true! DJs4Australia is Brisbane’s best lighting hire company and you can easily reach out to us and learn more about our packages. Contact us today and just fill up the form below!

                  Aside from Brisbane, we also have lighting hire in Adelaide, lights for hire in Perth, Melbourne lighting hire services, and offer Sydney’s best lighting hire.

                  We Travel All Around Brisbane

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